Food & Farming, with Vandana Shiva, Ian Solomon-Kawall, Josina Calliste & more

Food & Farming

Food & Farming, With Vandana Shiva, Ian Solomon-Kawall, Josina Calliste & More

A Journey Home Online Event with Vandana Shiva, Josina Calliste, Brooke Bridges, Jyoti Fernandes, Ian Solomon-Kawall, Amber Tamm

An evening evening discussion exploring food, land and seed sovereignty, social justice and the future of farming.

Tuesday 3rd November to Thursday 22nd October, 2020 Online, via Zoom

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Leaders in food, land and seed sovereignty

Transforming our approahces to food and farming.

Joining us to explore the future of farming, land justice, food and seed sovereignty are:

  • Dr Vandana Shiva (physicist, anti-globalisation and seed sovereignty activist & author),
  • Brooke Bridges (mental health advocate and founder of Storytelling for Social Emotional Learning),
  • Jyoti Fernandes ( Via Campesina and Land Workers Alliance),
  • Ian Solomon-Kawall (Freedom Teacher Guide & May Project Gardens),
  • Amber Tamm (Farmer and Healer),
  • Josina Calliste (Land In Our Names, LION)

This event is part of our online course, ‘A Journey Home,’ a 9 month course in personal and collective transformation exploring 9 themes with 52 leaders of systemic change.

Tuesday 3rd November to Thursday 22nd October, 2020 Online, via Zoom

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A Journey Home

A 9-month online transdisciplinary journey with leading hearts and minds of our time.

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Vandana Shiva #

Globally well-known intellectual and activist, Vandana Shiva has shown ongoing commitment in different fields, making it difficult to label her name under a precise and unique category. At the core of her activism there are: counter-development in favour of people-centered, participatory processes; support to grassroots networks; women rights and ecology. Author of numerous important books and articles, Vandana Shiva has shown a lifetime interest in campaigning against genetic engineering and the negative impact of globalisation, advocating for the crucial importance of preserving and celebrating biodiversity.

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Josina Calliste #

Josina Calliste is co-founder of Land in Our Names (LION), a Black-led, grassroots collective committed to reparative justice in Britain by securing land for BPOC (Black people and People of Colour) communities.

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Brooke Bridges #

Brooke Bridges is a mental health advocate and founder of Building Bridges SEL: Storytelling for Social Emotional Learning.

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Jyoti Fernandes #

Chair person and Campaigns Coordinator, Via Campesina & Land Worker’s Alliance Jyoti is a campaigns coordinator currently working on a campaign to influence DEFRA to adopt more policies to promote food sovereignty.

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Ian Solomon-Kawall #

Ian Soloman-Kawall aka KMT is a Freedom Teacher Guide who uses art [hip-hop] for social awareness and social cohesion. He is Co-Founder of the May Project Gardens which brings communities together to act collectively. Previously he was Project Manager for Pan Intercultural Arts a company using intercultural performance work to help facilitate self-expression and promote a deeper understanding of our changing cultural identities. They work with a diverse range of communities across London and internationally, empowering people to use the arts as a tool for change in their lives.

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Amber Tamm #

Amber Tamm Canty is a young, black, women who’s life experiences weaves together the interdisciplinary ways of working & healing with earth in full spectrum.

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