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Advaya Circle Workshop with Beloved Sara Zaltash

A workshop on grief as a teacher, source of growth and guide towards healing in these times of uncertainty and escalating planetary crisis

Wednesday 29th January 2020, 7:00pm–9:30pm The Quadrangle, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, TN14 7RX

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grief tending with sara zaltash

About This Event#

Join us for the first ever Advaya Circle — a new monthly gathering in East London that aims to explore practices, ideas and traditions that bridge inner transformation and outer change for people & planet.

This January, we have the honour of being joined by Beloved Sara Zaltash who will lead a 2 hour workshop on grief tending.

More Information#

Artist, Diviner and Rebel Minister Beloved Sara Zaltash became intimately acquainted with grief after she suffered a lengthy and debilitating illness when she was at the peak of her career as a young performance artist. Losing her health, her career and her social status through illness meant that Beloved Sara was no longer able to hide from the memories of childhood traumas, drug addictions, racial prejudice and sexual violence that were lurking in her shadows. All of this whilst awakening to the greatest crises of environment, society and spirit that humanity has ever known. Intuitively, Beloved Sara turned towards Grief Tending, a methodology of practices woven together from the teachings of Joanna Macy, Malidoma Somé and Francis Weller, and taught in the UK by Sophy Banks and Jeremy “Smoke” Thres.

Following active and dedicated grief tending practice for five years, and a full recovery of wellbeing, Beloved Sara now draws on her experiences with Sophy and Smoke, and also on the modalities of divination, embodied vocalization, devotional ministry and Daniel Foor’s ancestral lineage healing to offer workshops that provide valuable teachings, practical exercises and deep insight to support the natural flow of grief. Beloved Sara holds a safe, confidential and sacred space with her characteristic humour, her frank and unflinching approach towards Life’s shadows, and an ever expanding hymnal of sacred and profane songs from diverse lineages. Expect to experience deep inner shifts and the transmutation of personal suffering into precious jewels.


We have 7 tickets at a concessionary rate and 1 scholarship place — please write to us if you would like to apply for this latter ticket.

Wednesday 29th January 2020, 7:00pm–9:30pm The Quadrangle, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, TN14 7RX

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Advaya Circle are monthly gathering in East London that bring together our community with incredible teachers, healers and facilitators to explore practices that bridge inner transformation and outer change for people and planet.

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Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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