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Retreat for Rebels: Root and Renew (XR)

Retreat for Rebels Retreat with Ruby Reed, Christabel Reed, Beloved Sara Zaltash

Prepare for the Rebellion by retreating at Equinox to a space of nourishment and celebration. Open to everyone taking part in the Extinction Rebellion Uprising in October.

Friday 20th September to Sunday 22nd September, 2019 The Quadrangle Trust, Shoreham, Kent

Rebel Retreat

You are transforming. Your self, your life, your community, your world. You are committed to the renewal of humanity and planet Earth.

You are an Extinction Rebel.

How prepared is your body, your mind and your soul to share the great gift of your life with this world-changing movement?

We - Advaya Initiative’s Ruby and Christabel Reed and Beloved Sara Zaltash - are offering an easy-access, shared-costs weekend retreat designed specifically to nourish and strengthen Extinction Rebels.

Yoga Nidra. Movement. Breathwork. Meditation. Nature Connection. Devotion. Vocalisation and Song. Visioning. Divination. Trust Building. Heart Circles. Deep Listening. Grief Tending. Creative Celebration.

If you would like to facilitate a session please get in contact with us.

We know you need this, so we radically changed the way that the costs of this retreat will be met. As long as essential costs are met, for as little as £1, you are welcome to participate. For more information, see “Our Approach to Costs” below.

Come to swim in the river, relax in the garden, and bathe in the woodland. Come to explore your senses and relishing in the abundance of the natural world. Come to engage in a more holistic approach to social change. Come to be inspired, nourished, connected and prepared.

Let’s get ready, together.


45 minutes by train from London to Shoreham (with a short walk through the fields or we can collect you), or to Sevenoaks. Let us know if you are driving and we can sort out car sharing.


Absolutely ethical, vegetarian meals, collaboratively cooked by your facilitators and co-participants.


Sessions will be shared outside in the beautiful natural environment of Kent, in the garden, woodlands and surrounding fields, and also in the grand historical Hay Barn, built in 1870.

Please let us know in advance about your needs to participate in embodied practices, and/or anything that may affect your ability to take part. We we will adapt content to include you.

We will have the chance to adapt the schedule according to participants needs, goals and skills. There is an opportunity to share facilitation and content so please let us know in advance if there is something in particular you wish to share or explore.
How we will deal with Costs:

We know that sharing resources equitably is an essential part of regeneration. We know all Rebels have so much to give, and so we have to create capacity to receive what desires to be given. In order to do that, let’s begin with full transparency regarding the costs of running this retreat for you.

Our Costs#

The Venue: The Quadrangle Trust is a registered charity and they are generously supporting this weekend by subsidising the venue hire costs. We are so grateful for their vision and commitment to Extinction Rebellion. Thank you Jessie and all at Quadrangle.

Food: £20 per person for three healthy vegetarian meals per day for three days. Rather than hire a catering team, we will cook for each other, tend to each other, and care for each other, reinforcing our community bonds and reducing unnecessary expenditure.

Facilitation: Ruby, Christabel and Sara are activists and artists, with rent to pay and lives to lead. Between us we have 35 years of professional facilitation experience. We can only sustainably organise and facilitate this retreat (on top of our ongoing voluntary XR commitments) if our professional skills are valued.
That’s it! No expensive publications. No unnecessary add-ons to bump up the costs. Just time, space, food, facilitation and togetherness.
We have space for up to 50 people to share the goodness of the retreat.

We are offering three days and two nights of sessions, meals and space.

Our minimum cost to hold this retreat for 50 people is £2500.

That’s £50 per person to be at maximum capacity.

We ask you to consider: how much do you spend in one weekend - per day - on food, travel, activities and socialising?

£10 per day? £50 per day? £100 per day?

£20 per weekend? £150 per weekend? £500 per weekend?

We ask that you offer your weekend of spending money as your contribution to the shared financial resources of this retreat.

You can make your anonymous contribution via Paypal Pool:

Or, if you prefer, please contact Ruby to arrange a direct bank transfer.

However much you can share, we’ll make sure you have plenty to eat, and that you’re in excellent company in beautiful surroundings while you nourishing your soul with supportive and strengthening activities.

Whatever you have to give, there is room for you at the Rebel Retreat.

Friday 20th September to Sunday 22nd September, 2019 The Quadrangle Trust, Shoreham, Kent

Retreat for Rebels

Rebel Retreats are co-created and shared-cost weekends hosted by Christabel Reed, Ruby Reed & Sara Zaltash with the intention of creating nourishing spaces for community and regeneration.

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Ruby Reed #

Ruby is a curator, creator, yoga therapist and free-diver fascinated by how we relate to the world around us.

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Christabel Reed #

Christabel Reed is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist trained in Hatha, Ayurveda and the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar. At the heart of her practice and teaching is the exploration of how we can come back to our most natural state — to our wholeness.

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Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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