Yoga & Meditation Retreat, in the Hills of Southern Spain

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Yoga & Meditation Retreat, in the Hills of Southern Spain

Retreat with Christabel Reed, Ruby Reed, Amber Scott

Five days of yoga, meditation, delicious and healthy food, chanting, pranayama, drawing, star-gazing, walking in the hills, nature connection and ceremony, with plenty of free time to relax, explore and assimilate.

Tuesday 14th May to Saturday 18th May, 2019 Trasierra, Cazalla DE LA Sierra, Seville

trasierra hotel

Take a deep dive into nature and your practice and dedicate the time to emerge refreshed, empowered and connected.

Join us for this very special opportunity to connect to nature and your practice at the beautiful Trasierra, perched among the wild hills of Cazalla De La Sierra, Southern Spain.

We invite you to enter into a space of deep relaxation and even deeper healing.

This retreat will consist of:
* Daily Yoga classes by Amber Scott, Ruby Reed and Christabel Reed
* Delicious, healthy and nourishing meals
* Nature Connection and walking
* Evening Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama
* Plenty of time to relax by the pool, soak in the sunshine, take part in arts and crafts, read and explore the nature

Amber has been running yoga and hill walking retreats at Trasierra for almost a decade. Her teaching style summons up the intelligence of the student so that the practice becomes truly integrated. Connecting neurological pathways in the physical body means that each movement we make provides a pathway to greater understanding of the self and the way we operate. Deep shifts are given space to occur and the practice becomes truly transformative.

After breakfast we will go on walks in the surrounding countryside - an opportunity to reintegrate into the natural world and feel connected to the earth as a source of strength and power. We will walk and explore and use art, craft, breathwork and meditations as ways to move beyond the mental space and enter into a creative and connected realm, shaking off the burdens and effects of our mechanised, systemised fast-past world.

The days will end with peaceful chanting, gentle movement, pranayama and meditation as a way to reconnect with the heart, un-peeling the layers that prevent us from connecting to our most wild, natural and thriving selves!

Each day you will also have the opportunity to relax in the beautiful house and garden or lounge by the pool, draw and read, or go on walks in the surrounding hills and woodlands.

All inclusive prices from £850 for a shared room to £1250 for a room with sole occupancy. To reserve a place please contact us. We will then ask you to pay a £200 deposit per person before paying the full price by mid April.

For more information on the practitioners and hosts, please see the following websites:

Christabel Reed | Ruby Reed | Amber Scott

About Trasierra#

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Trasierra is a privately owned hotel set high in the Sierra Morena Mountains, 80km north of Seville in the heart of Andalucia. This historic 16th Century house stands in an aromatic garden surrounded by three thousand acres of olive and orange groves and has been the property of Charlotte Scott and her family for 25 years. Its charm is that it is a family house as well as an hotel; designed for people who appreciate peace, good taste and comfort, delicious food and stunning unspoilt landscapes.

Tuesday 14th May to Saturday 18th May, 2019 Trasierra, Cazalla DE LA Sierra, Seville

Christabel Reed #

Christabel Reed is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist trained in Hatha, Ayurveda and the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar. At the heart of her practice and teaching is the exploration of how we can come back to our most natural state — to our wholeness.

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Ruby Reed #

Ruby is a curator, creator, yoga therapist and free-diver fascinated by how we relate to the world around us.

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Amber Scott #

Amber was born and brought up in Spain, spending her time surrounded by nature in the hills north. of Seville. She travelled extensively with her family around India from the age of 5; this is where she got my first taste of the inspiration that would later draw her to the practice of yoga.

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