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Climate Justice: Rights for People & Planet

Talk with Dorothy Grace Guerrero, Professor Mala Rao, Steve Trent, Dr Damien Short, Chiara Liguori, Jyoti Fernandes

Climate change revolves around a question of global inequality and demonstrates the mass destruction fueled by our consumerist growth economy.

Thursday 28th February 2019, 6:00pm–11:00pm UK Time The Westbank, Notting Hill

climate justice


6:00 - Doors open, food available
6:30 - Event Intro & Spoken Word by Wilson Oryema
6:45 - 15 minute talks from:
Chiara Liguori, Amnesty International, Policy Advisor on Environment & Human Rights
Framing Climate Change as a Human Rights Issue. Why is it so important?

Damien Short, The Human Rights Consortium, Director & Reader in Human Rights
The Ecological Crisis, Human Rights and Human Responsibilities

Steve Trent, Environmental Justice Foundation, Co-Founder and Executive Director
The Need for Environmental Justice

Dorothy Grace Guerrero, Global Justice Now, Head of Policy
Climate Change & Social Justice: Supporting Systemic Alternatives

Jyoti Fernandes, Land workers Alliance
Agroecological Farming Systems: Adapting to and mitigating climate change

Mala Rao, WaterAid; Imperial College London; NHS England
The Health Impacts of Climate Change: Addressing the health and well-being impacts of climate change through collaboration

8:15 - Ollie Feather - Spoken Word - Break

8:40 - Panel discussion and Q&A

9:20 - Mr Gee - Spoken Word, Food, Music

10:30 - Event ends

An evening of talks, panels, food, drinks, music and spoken-word exploring the human rights implications of the environmental crisis. We will explore: ecocide, globalisation, the growth-based economy, extreme energy, corporatisation, public health, and much more.

Climate change revolves around a question of global inequality and demonstrates the mass destruction fueled by our consumerist growth economy. It is not ‘just’ environmental. It is an ethical, political and social issue — a matter of justice and human rights. The catastrophe we are witnessing today will affect every one of us and every life-form on the planet. But crucially, it is the weakest and most vulnerable in society who will be affected first and most severely.

Scientists, campaigners and lawyers will give us the inside track into what is happening right now and introduce us to some of the work that is being done around the globe by the people driving climate solutions. From the front-lines of climate change to the corridors of power, we will come to understand what’s what and what we can do about it.

At Advaya we believe that through awareness we evolve. We see crisis as an opportunity for positive change through co-creation and celebration. True to form, the day will be filled with story, music, food and connection.

Climate Justice: Rights for People & Planet is kindly supported by Eco Soul Hostel, a hub and hostel where people who share values of social change, sustainability and inner wellbeing can connect and inspire each other.

Amnesty International • Global Justice Now • Human Rights Consortium • Environmental Justice Foundation • WaterAid • NHS England • Land Workers’ Alliance • La Via Campesina

Thursday 28th February 2019, 6:00pm–11:00pm UK Time The Westbank, Notting Hill

Dorothy Grace Guerrero #

Head of Policy at Global Justice Now. Dottie joined Global Justice Now in January 2017.

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Professor Mala Rao #

Senior Clinical Fellow at Imperial College London; Medical Adviser for Workforce Race Equality Strategy Implementation Team, NHS England; and Trustee for WaterAid.

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Steve Trent #

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Environmental Justice Foundation. He has over 25 years of experience in environmental advocacy and has undertaken field research and undercover investigations, trained environmental advocates and led successful campaigns in over 30 countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Dr Damien Short #

Dr Damien Short is Director of the Human Rights Consortium (HRC) and a Reader in Human Rights at the School of Advanced Study. He has spent his entire professional career working in the field of human rights, both as a scholar and human rights advocate.

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Chiara Liguori #

Chiara Liguori is Policy Adviser on Environment and Human Rights at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International.

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Jyoti Fernandes #

Chair person and Campaigns Coordinator, Via Campesina & Land Worker’s Alliance Jyoti is a campaigns coordinator currently working on a campaign to influence DEFRA to adopt more policies to promote food sovereignty.

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