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Cycle Alignment for Feminine Empowerment

Workshop with Christabel Reed, Ruby Reed, Merilyn Keskula, Chloe Isidora, Iris Andrews, Dr Deepa Apte

An exploration and celebration of our Ayurvedic body natures, the divine feminine and the natural cycles that guide us through life.

Saturday 25th November 2017, 10:45am–4:45pm UK Time The Hoxton, Holborn

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Cycle Alignment for Feminine Empowerment


10.45am - Arrival
11.00am - Workshops Start: Kundalini Yoga with Iris Andrews, Manifesting from the Womb Shamanic Ceremony with Chloe Isidora, Vinyasa Krama with Christabel Reed
12.30pm - Ayurvedic Lunch by Bread & Honey
1.30pm - Lunar Cycle Alignment Workshop & Talk with Merilyn Keskula
3.00pm - Ayurvedic Turmeric Teas & Lattes by Wunder Workshop
3.30pm - Harmonising the Body, Mind And Spirit With Ayurveda By Dr Deepa Apté, Ayurveda Pura
4.30pm - Closing Meditation & Manifestation by Ruby Reed
4.50pm - Close

Awareness of our state of being and connection to natural cycles is the foundation for transformational and sustainable change on an individual and collective level. Within these cycles - from the menstrual cycle to moon phases and seasonal changes - are the ancient blueprint and secret power source we all, as women, have access to. By deepening our awareness of our bodies and energy through reconnection and aligning with natural cycles we can re-imagine how we go about our work and daily tasks from a feminine perspective and with creativity, efficiency, flow and ease.

This day-long exploration into how we can live in accordance with our most authentic, wild and natural selves (and thus in harmony with nature as a whole!) will consist of a choice of morning workshops, including** Manifesting from the Womb with Chloe Isidora, Vinyasa Krama with Christabel Reed and Kundalini Yoga with Iris Andrews. An Ayurvedic Lunch by Bread & Honey will then be served to all so that we can come together and discuss our morning experiences while nourishing ourselves from the inside. The afternoon will kick off with a Lunar Cycle Alignment Workshop and Talk with Merilyn Keskula, founder of Mylky Moon Lab. After a short break and Ayurvedic refreshments of Turmeric Teas and Lattes from WUNDER WORKSHOP we will sit for the second talk on Harmonising the Body, Mind and Spirit with Ayurveda by Dr Deepa Apté, Ayurveda Pura.** Ruby Reed, co-founder of Advaya, will close the event with a **short meditation.


Luna Cycle Alignment by Merilyn Keskula, Mylky Moon Lab#

Merilyn’s mission with Mylky Moon Lab is to help you to connect to your own power, feel deeply your own current and enjoy swimming with it, not against it. Cultivating awareness of your needs in each moment is essential for knowing how to take good care of yourself (and your business) long-term. Achieving your maximum True power is the greatest gift you could bring to the world.

During the workshop we will learn to understand and track the natural cycles in and around us and align the work we do (whether it’s creative or business) to these deep energetic currents. We want to learn to stand our ground, honour our bodies and kick ass like a woman, rather than succumbing to the ways taught by patriarchal society.

About Mylky Moon Lab

Mylky Moon Lab is an R&D Lab set up by Merilyn Keskula exploring and raising awareness of cyclical living to advance feminine leadership. By re-thinking the future of work from the feminine perspective, it offers a transformational shift in how women create, run and develop their businesses. By deepening awareness of the universal blueprint of our bodies and universal cycles in order to reconnect and align with natural rhythms, we can bring the flow of creativity, efficiency and ease to our workplaces and daily tasks. Mykly Moon is building a tribe of conscious female entrepreneurs and change makers for mutual support, connection and collaboration.

Mylky Moon Lab was born to empower female entrepreneurs, creators and change agents and support the rise of a feminine economy. An economy based on sustainability, collaboration, care, empathy, abundance consciousness and ease, as opposed to competition, profit worship, perpetual consumption, non-accountability and ego. We truly believe the business world needs a shift towards feminine qualities, so we are here to support women to realise their visions through aligning to their cyclical energy and power.

Manifesting from the Womb, Shamanic Ceremony by Chloe Isidora,#

During the workshop you will receive The Rite of the Womb, a deeply nurturing shamanic transmission that comes from the Divine Feminine spirit of the jungle. This energetic transmission releases fear and pain that is held in the womb space and calls in the birthing of our new lives and creative projects. Chloe will also guide us through Divine Feminine Meditations and Sacred Self Love Practices.

This Rite is simple, yet profoundly potent and brings us into the embodiment of the Divine Feminine presence. In receiving the Rite we are shown the sacredness in ourselves and in all of life. By healing our wombs we heal our mothers, our sisters and our daughters- which ultimately brings healing to our beautiful Mother Earth and her sacred waters.

All women may receive the Rite of the Womb. Including women who are pregnant, women trying to conceive, younger women, older women, women who have had a hysterectomy and transgender individuals. The transmission is non invasive, it is received by a light touch on the belly.

Kundalini Yoga Workshop by Iris Andrews#

This workshop will use Kundalini Yoga and meditation to help connect us to our Self, our own rhythm, to deep listening. As women we have a powerful connection to the rhythms of the earth, moon and cosmos – but this is so easily veiled by the interference and distractions of the modern world.

How easy it is to forget that only very recently have we had the technologies to remove ourselves from the natural rhythm of life. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness, and the first place to turn that awareness is inwards. When we tune in, surpassing the distractions, we can begin to uncover and connect with our authentic selves and our own rhythms such that we may start to come into right relationship with Mother Nature’s and our wider world.

Harmonising the Body, Mind and Spirit with Ayurveda by Dr Deepa Apté#

Ayurveda is a complete way of life. As a holistic health system comprising diet, yoga, massage, detoxification, herbal remedies, meditation and daily lifestyle, Ayurveda improves not only a person’s health, but also their well being, behaviour and state of mind.

Prakriti is Mother Nature and nothing exists without her. Likewise, a woman’s role has also been enumerated in Ayurveda. During the presentation Dr Deepa Apte will go through various phases of a woman’s life from an Ayurvedic point of view, and how to integrate Ayurvedic principles based on your body types. Along with this Dr Apte will give pointers and guidelines towards a healthy balanced lifestyle based on Ayurvedic principles and suggestions based on foods, herbs, massages, yoga that can integrate into our every life.

Wunder Workshop#

A London based functional food brand making organic turmeric based products. Focusing on consumption with a purpose.

Set up by Tom & Zoe, WUNDER WORKSHOP is inspired by Ayurveda - the ”Science of Life”, whose principles are based upon a preventive approach to health. WW uses functional ingredients to maximize life‘s potential, enabling you to live better, work harder and to be stronger (for longer!).

They want their Golden Mylk® range to be good for our customers as well as the planet and the people who provide the ingredients. They source organic turmeric directly from an independent organic farm in the heart of Sri Lanka, supporting its farmers and local community.

Their Goal:

  • To make TURMERIC part of our daily diet

  • To educate people about food as a functional tool to enrich our bodies

  • To create a healthier world where people feel at their fullest potential

  • To chang e the attitude from curing disease to preventing disease.

Saturday 25th November 2017, 10:45am–4:45pm UK Time The Hoxton, Holborn

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Christabel Reed #

Christabel Reed is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist trained in Hatha, Ayurveda and the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar. At the heart of her practice and teaching is the exploration of how we can come back to our most natural state — to our wholeness.

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Ruby Reed #

Ruby is a curator, creator, yoga therapist and free-diver fascinated by how we relate to the world around us.

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Merilyn Keskula #

Merilyn’s mission with Mylky Moon Lab is to help you to connect to your own power, feel deeply your own current and enjoy swimming with it, not against it.

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Chloe Isidora #

Chloe began studying Shamanism in October 2013 when she was searching for some relief and answers while working as a fashion editor.

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Iris Andrews #

Iris is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, 200h certified Hatha Yoga teacher and ever-learning yoga student whose yogini journey began when she was eight years old.

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Dr Deepa Apte #

Dr Deepa Apté’s journey started in India, where she qualified as a clinical medical doctor (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery, India).

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