Mythic Imagination: The Power of Storytelling and Mythology with Sharon Blackie, Joanna Gilar, Jay Griffiths, Sue Hollingsworth

Story-Telling & Narrative

Mythic Imagination: The Power of Storytelling and Mythology

Workshop with Dr Sharon Blackie, Dr Joanna Gilar, Jay Griffiths, Sue Hollingsworth, Christabel Reed

Mythic Imagination: The Power of Story-Telling and Mythology will serve as a deep-dive into the power of mythology and storytelling as spiritual and practical tools to connect to our true purpose, empower our lives and ignite awe and wonder at the world around us.

Saturday 30th September 2017, 10:45am–4:45pm UK Time The Hoxton, Holborn, London

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Mythic Imagination: The Power of Storytelling and Mythology

Throughout the day we will uncover ancient myths and develop new stories to enliven and deepen our understanding of who we are, where we are, and how we may face the challenges in front of us. Pioneers from the fields of Story-telling and Mythology will guide us through our sub-conscious to explore native myths, fairy tales and folk traditions, as well as our own personal story, and how each of these affect the world we see around us.

The day begins with a choice of Story-telling and Mythology Workshops by [Sharon Blackie](#sharon-blackie), [Sue Hollingsworth](#sue-hollingsworth) and [Joanna Gilar](#joanna-gilar), or a Yoga Workshop by Christabel Reed, followed by a delicious Vegan lunch prepared by Piccalilli Caff.

The Talks programs kicks off in the afternoon. We are proud and excited to present the work and words of Jay Griffiths, Sharon Blackie, Sue Hollingsworth and Joanna Gilar and more. Please see below for the schedule, bios and talk descriptions.


10.45 - Doors open
11.00 - Workshops Start: Sue Hollingsworth: The Mythic Moment / Sharon Blackie: Native Myths, Fairy Tales and Folk Traditions / Joanna Gilar: Once Upon a Slow Forever/ Yoga with Christabel Reed - please choose when booking your ticket

12.30 - Vegan Lunch - by Piccalilli Caff

13.30 - Talks Start

13.40 - Talk 1: Sharon Blackie, ‘Listening to the Land’s Dreaming’
14.25 - Talk 2: Joanna Gilar, ‘Beastly Lovers and Clear Waters: Meeting the Wild in the Wonder Tale’

15.00 - Break

15.15 - Talk 3: Jay Griffiths, ‘Trickster Within: Trickster Without’
16.00 - Talk 4: Sue Hollingsworth, ‘The Deeper Current’

16.45 - End + Thanks


Joanna Gilar, ‘Once Upon a Slow Forever’

This workshop will explore creative encounters with the wonder tale. How might we tell a traditional tale using visualisation, storytelling and co-creation in ways that respect the depth, complexity and dream-like nature of the material with which we are working? We will begin at the beginning and carry on from there, exploring a method of “slow telling” which offers space both to bring ourselves into the content, and allow the tale to tell its own story.

Sharon Blackie, ‘Listening to the Land’s Dreaming’

Myth and story can help us to develop a sense of genuine belonging to the places we live in, and inform our relationship with the wider, animate earth. In this workshop, we’ll explore a profoundly embodied mythology, uncovering and working with the existing native myths and archetypes which inhabit our places, and delving into the ways in which we can weave our own personal stories into the land.

Sue Hollingsworth, ‘The Mythic Moment’

What do we understand by myth? Is it something that exists only in the past or can our own lives encompass mythic moments? A hands on, experiential dive into our own mythology in search of what gives our lives meaning.

Joanna Gilar - description coming soon

Yoga with Christabel Reed - description coming soon


Sharon Blackie, ‘The Mythic Imagination: Why Native Myths Matter’

This talk will explore the ways in which our native myths, fairy tales and folklore offer us insights into authentic and meaningful ways of being, which are founded on a deep sense of belonging to place, and a rootedness in the land we inhabit.

Joanna Gilar, ‘Beastly Lovers and Clear Waters: Meeting the Wild in the Wonder Tale’

This talk will explore the relevance and resonance of animal bridegrooms. We will discuss the surprising historical evolutions and convolutions of two of our best loved tales, and ask what a Scottish Frog Prince and an old French Little Red Riding Hood can teach us about stepping beyond civilisation and meeting the wild other.

Jay Griffiths, ‘Trickster Within: Trickster Without’

This talk will explore and recognise the influence of the Trickster in the mind and in the world.

Sue Hollingsworth, ‘The Deeper Current’

This talk will explore how working with stories and storytelling accesses deep levels of wisdom that can help support our personal and spiritual development. Definitely including a story or two, probably several questions and hopefully arriving at a pearl of great price!


The Hoxton, Holborn, 199-206 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BD

Saturday 30th September 2017, 10:45am–4:45pm UK Time The Hoxton, Holborn, London

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Dr Sharon Blackie #

Dr Sharon Blackie is an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction, a psychologist who has specialised both in neuroscience and narrative, and a mythologist with a specialisation in Celtic Studies.

Read Dr Sharon Blackie’s profile

Dr Joanna Gilar #

Dr Joanna Gilar is an academic, writer and storyteller based in Sussex who uses stories to help us find our way in the un-navigated territory of a transforming planet.

Read Dr Joanna Gilar’s profile

Jay Griffiths #

Jay Griffiths was born in Manchester and studied English Literature at Oxford University. She spent a couple of years living in a shed on the outskirts of Epping Forest but for many years she has been based in Wales.

Read Jay Griffiths’s profile

Sue Hollingsworth #

Sue Hollingsworth has been performing and teaching storytelling for over 20 years. She is an acclaimed, internationally recognised workshop leader as well as regularly performing programmes of both traditional and biographical stories to adults.

Read Sue Hollingsworth’s profile

Christabel Reed #

Christabel Reed is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist trained in Hatha, Ayurveda and the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar. At the heart of her practice and teaching is the exploration of how we can come back to our most natural state — to our wholeness.

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