WILD: Connect Your Heart, ReWild Your Soul with Leila Sadeghee, Rachel Corby, Petersham Nurseries

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WILD: Connect Your Heart, ReWild Your Soul

Workshop with Leila Sadeghee, Rachel Corby

Join us for an evening celebration of the Wild! With a Talk, Yoga Workshop, Earth Ritual and Wild Vegan Banquet, our first WILD session will explore our connection with nature as a way to tap into the innate wisdom and wildness within our hearts. The event will be framed within the wider context of Ecological ReWilding.

Thursday 6th April 2017, 6:00pm–10:00pm UK Time 42 Acres, Shoreditch, London

WILD: Connect Your Heart, ReWild Your Soul

The Event#

Hosted in a beautiful old school in Shoreditch with large windows wooden floors, exposed brick walls and a vaulted ceiling, the evening will begin with a wholesome Yoga class led by Earth Goddess Leila Sadeghee. In a moving meditation we will connect to the present moment, opening our bodies and lifting our hearts before coming to a moment of stillness. Leila will then lead a sacred Earth ritual before Rachel Corby shares her knowledge of ancient wisdom and ecological reality in her talk ‘Rewilding the Soul’.

We will then sit for a delicious vegan banquet dinner prepared by world-renowned Petersham Nurseries. Petersham’s ethos champions respect for the produce they work with and will create a menu inspired by what is growing in the garden, the season and their connection to the environment. Our Wild Food Feast will be set at tables decorated with candles, lanterns, wild leaves and foraged flowers, and strewn with fresh salads, locally sourced vegetables and grains. All food will be vegan, local and organic wherever possible.

Dinner will end by 10pm, when you are welcome to head home or stay chatting with newfound connections and friends.


1800 Doors open

1815 ReWilding the Spirit, Yoga Workshop with Leila Sadeghee

1915 Earth Ritual by Leila

1930 ReWilding the Soul, Talk by Rachel Corby

2015 Q&A with Rachel

2025 Room changeover for dinner

2035 Wild Banquet

2200 Event Ends

Rewilding the Soul#

Humankind has drifted further and further from their rightful place amongst the living ecology of Gaia. Somehow we have cast ourselves adrift and now feel apart from nature instead of being a part of nature. As we look at our Earth and notice that our landscapes are depleted and fragile, a rewilding movement has formed. Species have been reintroduced in certain areas in an attempt to re-enliven the landscape and bring back resilience and natural balance. We are no different from those lacklustre environments. We too are missing something vital that our modern lifestyles have stripped from us, leaving us depleted, and searching, knowing that there is something more. Reconnection to ones wild core, rewilding your soul, reinforces that deeper connection with the more-than-human world. In rekindling our own inner wild we heal not just ourselves but the wider environment.

Petersham Nursuries#

Head chef, Damian Clisby, previously head chef at HIX Soho and Cotswold House works alongside Lucy Boyd, gardener, food writer and cook, who has worked at the Nurseries for most of the last decade. Lucy’s exceptional produce knowledge, culinary background and lifelong affection for Italian flavours, combine perfectly with Damian’s technical skills and shared passion for ingredient-led cooking. Together they create an evolving menu inspired by what is growing in the garden, the changing seasons, and our connection to the environment.

Petersham’s sourcing ethos revolves around respect of the produce they work with, appreciating its exceptional quality and taste. In turn the small farmers and artisan producers who grow or produce these ingredients benefit from their support – a virtuous circle best espoused by the international Slow Food movement.

Thursday 6th April 2017, 6:00pm–10:00pm UK Time 42 Acres, Shoreditch, London

Leila Sadeghee #

Leila started her adult life in the bosom of the London art world in the ‘90’s. Moving to London at barely 19, she followed her passion to work with contemporary artists with characteristic strong intention, immersed herself in the international art scene while she was getting her degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

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Rachel Corby #

Rachel Corby draws from a wealth of experience and training to give people the tools they need for self-healing, and the healing of our relationship with the rest of Gaia.

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