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Corporate Events

We can create bespoke solutions for your business, from weekly yoga or meditation sessions to Wellbeing days, talks and retreats, or even devise a complete Wellbeing Programme, tailor-made according to your business.

Drawing from our wonderful network of venues and collaborators in the realms of sustainability, wellbeing and mind-body health, we will curate an unforgettable experience for your teams, shifting outlooks, renewing energy and enlivening performance.

Highlights from our work with companies:#

Retreat for City Traders in Spain#

A 7 day retreat in the mountains of south Spain for 30 city traders. We ran twice daily yoga and meditation, freediving and breathwork masterclasses with Sara Campbell, the first woman to dive to 100m on one breath, daily animal flow natural movement workshops, hiking and exploring the wild mountainous terrain, secret beaches, foraging and nature connection workshops, healthy vegan food 3 times daily, sound baths, therapy and massage.